If you believe money is your asset,

then you are not rich.

If you believe beauty is your asset,

you are not beautiful.

If you think people are your asset,

then you do not have any real friends.


7 thoughts on “Asset

      1. I beg to differ.

        If you believe compassion is your asset, may be you wont be the perfect person, but you will be a bigger person.

        If you believe hard work is you asset, may be you could reach the stars that you dreamed of as a child.

        If you believe love is your asset, well, what’s greater than love?

        If you believe forgiveness is your asset, aren’t you the perfect human being already?

        If you believe helping others is your asset, aren’t you already a saint?

        So, yeah a lot of them matter, if you only saw them.

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      2. These are the feelings that come naturally. If you see them as an asset, then you will be forcing these feelings at times, even when you don’t want to or feel like it (because you BELIEVE they are your asset, and no one wants to lose their asset.)

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      3. Oh, you meant the literal meaning of asset as something that you could hold, see, feel, put it on a paper (wait, beauty!? Confusing)

        1. These are the feeling that come naturally to some. But a lot many don’t have it.
        2. You don’t have to force anything. If you have it, it will come it automatically. If you are forcing, you are faking it.
        3. Let me rephrase, assets are something that a person has, acquires them over time, from experience or likewise. If you BELIEVE something to be your asset, it isn’t your asset. It isn’t a land or a property that you need to have proper documentation to support your claim over it.
        Yes, no one wants to lose their asset, but then again if it were to happen that you have to choose, you never did have that asset, or as you say, feeling.

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      4. Yes! You have put it nicely!

        There are a few things that are not actually yours if you think that you own them.

        You can’t be beautiful if you are full of yourself.

        You won’t have friends if you think you own them.

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      5. Thank you.

        Yes, I completely on that.

        Point well made. So, they is not an asset. I could never be.

        You can have beauty and be humble about it. And not let it define you.
        You can have friends and be friends, and definitely not own then.
        These can never be assets.

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