One Year Anniversary!!

Exactly a year ago, my friend asked me to write a reprise version of the poem from the movie 10 things I hate about you. And, that is how it all started.

The praise i got for that, made me think, if such a mediocre piece can garner so many likes- I could sure write so much more and better.

And then, the words just poured.

What all I have seen through my life took shape in the form of poetry.

Not to forget, the love I got from you guys. I am greatful to all of my fellow bloggers for accepting me as their own. I love being here and reading y’alls amazing work.



Yet again…

Yet again…. 10 things I hate about you!

I hate it when you cry

Cos I want to be the reason behind your smile.

I hate it when you smoke,

Cos your life for me is not a joke.

I hate it when you know me more than myself,

Cos I wish I had that super- power,

I hate it when you are quiet,

Cos I want you to express, not cover.

I hate it when you pretend to be okay,

even when it is not all okay.

I hate it when you lie,

when you don’t believe I’m gonna standby..

I hate it when you flirt with hoes,

cos that’s not the guy I chose.

I hate to see you give up ,

as I want to see you fly.

I hate the thought that  you will give up on ‘Us’ someday,

when just  the thought of ‘Us’ makes my day, everyday.

I hate so much about you..

But the thing I hate the most is that I love you..

I love you more than words could describe, more than this pen could write..

PS I still hate you. 10 things i hate about you