And, She Was Gone!

Every day she would shed little pieces of her personality,
Every day she would abandon a part of her unique self,
Every day she died, just a little.

Surrounded herself with the people, she could care less about.
For the ghosts of the past would come haunting, whenever she was alone.

She, who would love to ponder, now hated the self-talk.
She, who loved the solitude, now can’t dare to stay back.

Lost somewhere behind those glasses,
Amidst those line of codes,
She was nowhere to find…

Day by day, piece by piece,
She was gone has been gone for a while now…



Changing equations..

The people around whom my whole world revolved once, are strangers today.
The people I once cried with, today even their smiles don’t reach their eyes.
The people who promised so much, forgot their vows.
The people who used to meet with warmth, seems so cold today..
Those with whom I used to see eye to eye on everything, today we can’t find any common grounds.

I guess this is how life is.. People are meant to change, equations are meant to differ.
Maybe I just wasn’t as ready as them, for this change and it took me some getting used to.
But what really surprised me was,

how surely they left, how effortlessly they adapted to it,
How easily they grew apart while i was still stuck finding the roots..


– Gir!gettingthrough!ife

Dying Humanity..

CASE-1(July 2012): A young girl beaten and stripped by a mob of men when she left the bar in the morning after partying. So many people watched this but none came to rescue the girl who was assaulted for reportedly 30 minutes. But of course, what they didn’t forget was to capture the incident on their phone.

CASE-2(Dec 2012): Someone must have heard them when they were crying for help after they were dumped naked and bleeding on the road side. But their cries were ignored as “they are not related to us” or due to “khamakhaa ka panga ho jayega”. Yes, I am talking about the Nirbhaya case.

CASE-3(Aug 2015): A man took two victims of an accident to hospital and informed the police. In return what the police do, they send him to jail and asked for a bribe of RS 2000. This man swore to never help anyone in his life again.

In the above mentioned first two cases, the people involved in the crime were clearly had no reason to be called human. But what about the people who saw it happening, but preferred to be the ‘silent spectators ‘. Were they humans? Of-course they were, well, they all had two eyes to see, two ears to hear, a brain to apply, a heart to feel, two hands and two legs to act and a mouth to speak up but they would rather not use it as the victims were not in any way related to them, so why take the pain, right?

Now let’s see the third case, In this a man did help the victims of an accident and sent them to hospital, but what does he gets for doing a good deed, he is sent to Jail and is asked for Rs. 20k in bribe to get himself out. Now will this man ever in his life, help anyone in need, I guess no. So there, we lost one more from the species which is getting very rare, almost at the verge of extinction- The ‘Real-Human’ species. Now what makes this race so special, it is a very basic thing, which is preached by almost everyone but not everyone do what they preach. That thing is ‘humanity’.

The people passing by the injured couple and not stopping to help were homo-sapiens but not the real-humans. And even they were not real- humans who silently witnessed the girl getting molested by a mob in front of them, because if they were they would have considered the victim as their own as all the real-humans are related irrespective of their cast, religion, gender, ethnicity or age.
Just so you can stand straight, walk on two legs, have an intelligent brain doesn’t make you real-human, you got to have a thing in your DNA known as humanity. This Independence day let us all pledge to be a real-human and raise our voice for the real issues rather than bickering about a cricket match.