And, She Was Gone!

Every day she would shed little pieces of her personality,
Every day she would abandon a part of her unique self,
Every day she died, just a little.

Surrounded herself with the people, she could care less about.
For the ghosts of the past would come haunting, whenever she was alone.

She, who would love to ponder, now hated the self-talk.
She, who loved the solitude, now can’t dare to stay back.

Lost somewhere behind those glasses,
Amidst those line of codes,
She was nowhere to find…

Day by day, piece by piece,
She was gone has been gone for a while now…



The New Girl in Town

I have recently moved, well not recently actually… been almost a month.. but haven’t got a chance to write about it. You know how it is, right? New people, new place, new things and new problems. I was so wind up in everything.

Do I feel homesick?
Well, not really. I don’t miss my old city. I have wanted to get out of there my whole life. And, in this alien city among strangers, I don’t miss my home, I actually miss that homely feeling.

I was so used to having my mother around to take care of the things for me. I never, in my life, felt the need to save a reminder on my phone. I just told her and she remembered it for me. I never set the alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. I just told her the time, and she would get up an hour before to get everything ready for me.

Enough with the homesickness talk. Now about this new place and new people:

My introvert readers will agree, that making friends at a new place is so much difficult. Just when I was getting along fine with my classmates (it took me four years to open up with them). Now, I am at a new place (my workplace) and the same questions that my friends have asked me some years back, are popping up again.

ROUND-2. “Why are you so quiet?”, “Why don’t you talk?” (DUH! Because I am new here!. Wait till I get comfortable, then you would be the one begging me to shut up.)

OKAY. Got it! You were not so shy when you were new. You used to chatter and gossip a lot. But then again, I am not you. BUT, I am not shy either. And, I think more than I talk and I would rather not talk just for the sake of talking.(you know the small talks and stuff).

I believe that a conversation should be heartful rather than forced.

Well, there’s that. And, I know you guys follow me for my poems, and I promise I will be writing one soon. Before I do that, I will write more about this new city and the new people here.



I switched-off the button,
and all the feelings left.
They left as if they were never there.
They left without much fuss.
And I was proud,
I was proud to have such control over them.
They now reside in a grave deep buried,
Where there reach no daylight or soul of night.

Except for when they left, created a void in me,
Vacuum perhaps,
leaving me completely blank and numb.

Now everyone is either not good enough,
or too good.
Small or too tall.
Ugly or too handsome.
Imperfect or just too perfect.

Unwilling to move on.
Can’t bring the brain to switch-on the button again
But the heart, it still clinges onto you..



– Gir!gettingthrough!ife

Forgotten feelings

I forgot the way it used to feel,
when rainbow glistened over the drops.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when wind blew over the mustard crops.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when dreams and reality were the same.
I forgot the way all this had an effect on me,
And I don’t even know who is to blame..

I forgot the way it used to feel,
when radio played my favorite song.
I forgot the way it used to feel ,
when nothing was too wrong.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when someone’s laughter made me smile,
I forgot the way these little things used to feel,
As if nothing did happen in a long while.

I forgot the way it used to feel,
when those stories in novel took shape in my mind.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when the bells from far melodiously chimed.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when the sensations actually could work.
I forgot the way it used to feel,
when i had in me some twist and quirk.

Those glimpses which used to drive the nerves cold,
the times when smile was difficult to hold.
I forgot it all!
It all now seems alien to me..

– Gir!gettingthrough!ife