And, She Was Gone!

Every day she would shed little pieces of her personality,
Every day she would abandon a part of her unique self,
Every day she died, just a little.

Surrounded herself with the people, she could care less about.
For the ghosts of the past would come haunting, whenever she was alone.

She, who would love to ponder, now hated the self-talk.
She, who loved the solitude, now can’t dare to stay back.

Lost somewhere behind those glasses,
Amidst those line of codes,
She was nowhere to find…

Day by day, piece by piece,
She was gone has been gone for a while now…



Why does the candle desires to shine,  when it will ultimately melt down..
Why does the moth desires the light when it will ultimately burn it down..
Full of desires but lack of time, desiring what is not meant to be…
What we desire is happiness but desire also kills the happiness…then why desire? For desires are the potion too that keep us going…



Sat up in the night with  heart pounding,
that thing on the wall kept hounding, 
It formed a silhouette so stark,  
drowning into the dark.

And then it occurs to me,
while I was looking for the dreams hidden in my eyes, my shadow was looking for me..